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To everyone who hated on me, talked shit, and flamed me. IN YO FACE!

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This wont apply to some of you, but people got into a long argument about selling hacked accounts and if it should be allowed on this site or not. They got all butthurt and started throwing insults and acting like idiots, saying that itll never happen and i wont change anything. This might be immature of me but oh well :)



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Don't make me regret that post lol.

People will hate you more if you continue making this kind of threads sad.png

It's the sad truth.

Don't care too much QwPha8E.png

they can hate me if they want to, im not gonna support something that i knew was wrong lol. Im glad they cant profit from selling stolen shit, and im glad they were proven wrong

Im used to people generally not liking me anyways >.> doesnt bother me but thanks though

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