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  1. We talked about it, hes happy to cooperate and wait for me to gather the cash, but right now i have basically no 07gp, and i cant buy any. I can do services and stuff to earn it, but thats an issue with TWC. either way, ill try to at least compensate him for what i can I guess ill have to take a ban for now, 45m might take several weeks or more for me to earn myself but ill get in touch with F2P if i can get some GP
  2. Gilgad shouldn't take any responsibility, ill try to refund what i can, if i can, but ill take full blame for everything. I neglected to mention that i didnt create the account and it was someone else because they werent an Osbot member, and a close friend. Its not gilgads fault, and i cant recover it myself. I do have skype logs of me and the original owner chatting though, negotiating the split of the sale, and all the information regarding the account
  3. I sold it with a friend for a 50/50 split to gilgad, gilgad DID NOT recover it im 100% sure, because i can't recover it, so im positive that he cant either. The friend is not an osbot user so i cant really specify who it is. If anything, ill take responsibility, Gilgad had no control over this at all. Neither of us can reclaim the account, and i feel bad for f2p but its really beyond my control
  4. I didn't recover it, im not sure how i go about proving that im not in possession of it, but i only have ONE rs account atm. I know Gilgad didn't recover it either. I don't believe it should be his responsibility either. Neither of us could even recover it if we wanted
  5. He said he's never played rs from his current ip, so idk. im thinking if hes playing from a public wifi, that can be it? This is the guy who bought it btw
  6. he told me lol, and i dont have any reason to not believe him. its not like hes asking for a 40m refund
  7. No, sold it for 160, he put 40m of his own cash on it, then the account got deleted just like that. He's out so much, i feel horrible >.> I have nooooo idea how it couldve got deleted like that though if he didnt bot
  8. I sold this dude an account, and it got banned SAME DAY. i feel like so much shit lol but i mean.... im pretty sure he botted, theres no other way. it hasnt been botted on for several months prior to sale. this situations fucked up, hes out 160$ + 40m 07gp that was on it. If hes telling the truth, are there any other factors that caused it to be deleted, if he didnt even bot?
  9. couldnt have been name cleanup, the accounts been active. they only clean inactive names. Account deleted means perm ban?
  10. I sold this dude an account earlier. Its the account previously known as "dab master" that im highlighter over Does this random letters and shit mean its banned? i feel bad, but he thinks i scammed him. i believe he botted on it
  11. add my skype, mackadizzle.Osbot for offers. Not taking anything less than 1:7.5
  12. they need to put this shit on xbox and ps3
  13. Good, she was probably one of the asians spamming my private messege everytime i log in rs
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