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Can you use a proxy with official RS client or osbuddy?

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18 minutes ago, Dark798 said:

I've heard plenty of stories of people getting banned while playing on a bot client but not actually botting. I want to manually train a couple accounts before I start botting, but how can I do that with a proxy without using a bot client?

Please don't spread misinformation; this is not true.

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8 hours ago, DavidWhite said:

What kind of bullshit is this? Even when I'm playing I play on osbot, and I never got banned. 


If you don't abuse, you won't get banned, simple as that, mate :)

i had a account that was banned for using a bot client, logged in about 2017 for the 1st time in 4/5 years logged off 5min latter then the account got banned 2/3 days later.


PS no i didnt bot when i logged in i looked at my bank and then just logged out.

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