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Hello! a word of advice:

if you do care about the account and plan on playing it legit as well then i'd first suggest avoiding agility as it probably has one of the highest ban rates.

in general if you don't plan on gold farming for profit and simply can't be bothered with training certain skills by yourself then make another account to gold farm on. use that gold to pay for hand done services on your main and drastically reduce the chances of being banned for botting on your main.

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You're still going to be botting...which is against the rules. You have to do it carefully and not all nilly-willy otherwise you'll get insta banned then come back on here crying. Do it in moderation. Doing what the above mentioned is probably best; gold farm on a separate account and use that money to pay people to level your current account. Probably the safest way of keeping your account.

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