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Botting rc on main

Lil Peep

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8 minutes ago, dewildevis1 said:

Hi! Im about 1900 total on my main and wanted to ask how risky id be to bot 68-77 rc?

what if i do it 1 hour a day only? I dont mind getting banned for 2 days, how do I prevent a perma ban?

I had a main account almost all 90+, 9 years old I botted and played alot there thing is when accounts are more complete they have a lower ban rate but it's allways present, I got banned after 6 months of botting, you can bot that ammount it's fairly safe if you know what you are doing and use a good script, can't recommend it tho, better hire a service for example from @Fratem

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I personally used to bot back pre-EOC/RS3 and it was great.

I have since tried a couple of times in the like 2013-2014 time and that was only for my own personal use not gold farming.

No matter what, the account(s) got banned. Only risk what you are willing to possibly have banned in the process, if it's a main account with a high total or something you care about, I would highly suggest not doing so.

There are plenty of service providers who can be easily contacted including myself or @Fratem @Lost Panda although there are also cheaper alternatives also.

If of course you go for a service instead, if you choose a low one use a middleman.

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