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Imagine chargebacked 112 Euro

smoked g

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Disputed member: [member=] @Imagine

Thread Link: it happened in chatbox 

Explanation: sold him 150m osrs for 112euro on 28 february [HIDDEN]

Evidence: [HIDDEN] and on 22march he charge it back [HIDDEN]


Paypal incasso is coming to my house rightnow and i dont know what to do

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6 minutes ago, Mio said:

You can provide your own to defend yourself. But I'm 100% looking at you charging back a payment on this user. So right now you have 24 hours to refund the user the 150m gold or you'll be banned.

Hard to make a counter-argument when I have no idea what the evidence against me is. There is no interaction between me and this user on these forums, to begin with.

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Just now, Night said:

Now we have to ask why there was a charge back at all. @Imagine you seem to think that he is a ban evading user, did you charge back in hopes he couldn't dispute since he was banned?

Had to look back and find the transaction and person. But yes 2 months ago when I started that was my train of thought. 

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