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So i botted on my account for like 8 hrs today..... I decide to go staking, lost every stake. ( only 7) I had hp and str lvls on em. Naturally i should have won atleast 1 out of 7 wit better stats. So my theory is jagex knows i was botting, and made me loose my stakes cuz there being petty before they ban my acc. Seems shot out but idk i feel like they made me loose lol u shoulda seen my shit hits or id wreck em till like 10 hp and then hit all 0s till i died

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This would require

  1. Your account to stick out personally out of 30,000 Bots
  2. Would have to manually apply code to affect just your account. ( Or set your account to - Weak staking type - which is such a bazaar thing to do to customers lmao
  3. If they where looking at your account the first thing they would check is botting / total wealth. You would just be banned.
  4. I don't think jagex actually makes personal adjustments to disadvantage account, Actually goes against their ToS and is a form of Harrasment.
  5. Lay off the weed, This is such a cooked idea. :mald::kappa::sanic:
  6. The world record for most 50/50 Losses in a row is 27  ( coin flip ) and the Probability of 7 loss streak is not unheard of even if you give yourself 10% better odds.

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