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    Stealth Quester

    same with the prince ali rescue, won't select the correct dialogue to get the key imprint also get stuck in the chat with the witch for witch's potion
  2. I want to run an autoclicker on my computer and since it takes over mouse i thought i virtual machine would be the best way to do with and still be able to play/bot. Any recommendations are appreciated (free preferred)
  3. 30m maybe. Quests could change price a good amount
  4. this is service im not looking to do it myself
  5. current stats are 21-20-1. Account is f2p with not much gear but depending on completion time and if f2p vs p2p effects quote i may get a bond for this.
  6. If you could pm in interested in a low level zerk or anything account with lunar diplomacy finished
  7. 25m bid either account can purchase as soon as you are ready to sell
  8. Wondering how much for a fresh account to 50 base f2p stats would cost. Also a quote for base 60 wouldnt hurt Edit: runecrafting ranging and prayer do not need to be up to 50/60 whatever level is fine
  9. If you have regicide done it could pretty much be a zulrah account. I would say 100m+
  10. Looking for a couple accounts with lunar diplomacy done or any accounts with all the f2p obtainable stats. Please include asking price and if you are o/o or who is. Looking to spend 20-40m depending on stats.
  11. alright i'll look into that. Thanks a lot for the suggestions guys really appreciate it
  12. the 2 scripts are from mediafire download so i dont think i have access to the source. As for option two is there any sort of tutorial you could recommend for that, im a noob when it comes to coding and what not. Most complex thing i've done is make blackjack using java Edit: by blackjack i mean the card game without any proper user interface just through netbeans
  13. Simple wondering if its possible for the client to run a script when a different one completes and stops using only osbot functions. Ex want to run 7qp script on an account once its off tut island without starting myself
  14. Please add steel arrows for floor 2 stronghold
  15. Diaries quests and pc is the plan im making this atm
  16. Easily idk 400m? The account itself is awesome unfortunately this situation screams rental only
  17. Pc on a 60 str 40 range 75 hp account. All other stats 1 or unimportant
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