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Russian Guy

help with vps

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I've used VULTR, and DROPLET in the past.




Here is a guide for debian 8 installation


1 minute ago, Russian Guy said:

Hey, so i'm want to start little bot farm. First i want to know how much all stuff cost. Can you suggest someone who sell vps? member or site not important.


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45 minutes ago, John Cena said:

I have $45 dedicated available on 10th

i added you on skype 2days ago, but you still not accepted.


3 minutes ago, dazeldo said:

@r0bar is selling VPS', I'm using his $10 one and it performs well for the price. Cost really depends on how many accounts you want to run but if you wanna run a small one, you could contact him. :)

he's banned.

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