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Firecape for pure needed

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60 atk 60 str 1 def 76 range 52 prayer 81 magic 63hp <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Updated  


who can kill that beast for me and for a decent price. i just remade bank after getting ripped off and scammed over a firecape service gone wrong on this website so. im gonna DEFINITELY go with a trusted seller and by the rules <3 hope this can be done soon and for a decent price


much appreciation to whoever trustable can do this for me.

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3 hours ago, jckemond said:

Sold ! 

Jckemond on Skype , you are already added and i messaged you , stats changed btw 52 pray 60 atk and 60 str now.  ( with the unchanged 76 range 81 magic 63 hp and 1 def ) 


3 hours ago, jckemond said:

waiting for a reply ....



44 minutes ago, jckemond said:

what about you mac are you more online that she is she aint answering at all


We live in different timezones. That is why i didnt answer since i was sleeping while you are awake.

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