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Acc keeps getting locked

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So im new to this deal, but here is whats going on. I make the accounts on my home computer, then I log into them on the osbot client and bot a little while and eventually the accounts get locked because Jagex thinks they are stolen, the reason for so is, I make the account under my normal IP, then log into my proxy on the client and it thinks the account has been stolen. What do I need to do to fix this? Is there a way I can create accounts using my proxie IP? Sorry if I sound like a dummy, just not super tech savvy, thanks!

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Ah, I see whats going on here
You see most of us Botters Buy a Socks5 Proxy ( An IP address in another country/Location that's not your Home address)
We do this to avoid chain-bans E.g

  •  You have a main Account that you don't bot on using your home IP
  •  You then make another account and start botting    X  BAD

This will get your main account banned or locked and Jagex can potentially ban every account coming from that IP address ( Your house )
when you say "Jagex thinks the accounts are stolen" Your exactly right!

Whats the way around this?
Well if your Proxy IP address is some random house in Japan, Then you will need to CREATE the account from this new IP address,  log onto that account strictly only using the proxy you made the account with. Never log into your botting account using your home IP adress

"But how do I make an Account from a Socks5 Proxy Address?"
You can create accounts with your proxy using certain web browsers that allow a proxy (Maxthon)  Credit @SGTTHC
Once you have logged into tutorial island using the proxy then you will need to convince Jagex that this account is a real home by continuously connecting from that IP-Address

"But when can I log onto the account from my home address? or prepare the account to be sold without being locked?"
You will need the account to survive for at least 1 month to play it safe, If the account hasn't botted 24/7 and has not been reported or flagged as suspicious then you should be able to log in from your home address and Jagex can't exactly ban you because you may have just moved house, Especially if you have not set off any botting flags, This process is known as the  Cool Down Period

Happy Botting!

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