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  1. the service I use charges per hour, regardless of the activity
  2. No, using a client legitimately as of now does not cause bans on its own. From my experience, using scripts you made yourself will help a large amount vs public scripts OF THE SAME QUALITY. This said, if your scripts are not very developed the fact it is custom will probably not outweigh the benefit of a well developed public script. No one can answer your question of exact ban "likelihood" as it depends solely on your individual script, and it's quality.
  3. Agree with everyone else, love the script and have used it forever, seems to get stuck idling now
  4. It's sad because it's so true, if you just add a few random breaks to this script you can mass create accounts like its nothing and never have an issue. People keep spending money without need when there are awesome guys like Explv out here helping the community.
  5. You aren't risking too much if you get chainbanned, so you might aswell do 5 accounts per proxy.
  6. was using runelite at the time. pretty much it records way off of what I was actually doing
  7. somewhere around 85 magic 75 range which is pretty standard
  8. @ABottersDream I used to dabble heavy in zulrah botting with mage only, I can say confidently that if you setup is 90+ magic you can get pretty similar kill times as range and magic, but the benefit that makes it better in my opinion is this:: A. Way faster to train and B. Using mage only your trips can be much longer than mage and range, therefore you make more money since you arent resupplying and teleporting often and in turn get more kills. TL:DR Mage only is definitely effective, and if you can have the patience to train your accs to 90, you will reap the rewards of low supply cost, more kills, and in turn, more profit
  9. I am only alching so it is clicking static things, the issue is that I recorded it for an hour twice and both times it clicks off target. I know this is a software issue if anything but if you have any ideas it would be much appreciated
  10. Recorded two one hour clips with mouse and keyboard recorder and both of them try and click off screen when they are replayed. Have you ever experienced this? @jesenican
  11. I agree to an extent, I think the reasonable change that is in order until Mirror mode is actually viable is lowering the price of VIP until then. Osbot will always be my go to, but for $10 a month it needs to offer something that puts it ahead of its competition given it being nearly twice the price of its competitors. Side note to devs: Please dont take this post or any above it as an attack against you. I think we all mean well in our posts and just want to give feedback on a long time issue. Personally, I think you guys have done great on improving the injected client and improving the API especially recently. Simply put, I think a lot of us would just like to see this issue addressed or at least talked about.
  12. Been dabbling in botting on the mobile client. Aggressively macroing for a week or two now and have seen no bans ?
  13. I would say anything above 200k for p2p is enough to break even long term, so shoot for anything above that and you are good. There is a big caveat here however. Personally, I have changed most of my bots to lower profit, less bans methods, as they are ridiculously low maintenance. With some methods you can literally gather your gold off a bot once a week and not really worry about bans at all. In my opinion, this makes botting a lot less time consuming, as you arent constantly making new accounts, training / buying accounts, or worrying about your accounts during the day. To each their own I guess
  14. Now we just wait for someone to 1 up this post with a paid message by Soulja Boy. And no one can disagree with this, flavor town is THE place to be!
  15. I make them on the datacenter proxies. I probably shouldnt say this but if you just grab explvs tutorial island bot off the unofficial scripts (includes sourcecode!) and add some random sleeps in it, the script works perfectly and you wont get banned. Downside is they just changed tutorial island with the last update so you have to do some serious rearranging / tweaking to work in the newest update. I think its pretty funny that people spend a ton of money on tutorial island private scripts and honestly alot of private scripts in general that you can simply make off of leeched code from a public script, or by watching some youtube videos, add some sleeps and 9 times out of 10 you avoid ban as long as you arent sharing your exact setup with other people. Really in my experience using residential only seems to matter if you are mass creating them and even then its only happened twice where I have had them lock on me after creation (presumably) due to IP flagging. But even with this there's a cap on how many accounts you can make per IP per day anyways so you may as well just use data center proxies because they are way cheaper...
  16. Yes and no, my mains I occasionally do on my home IP, but for the most part I do moneymakers on datacenter proxies.
  17. Residential ips really only affect tutorial island farms, even then, I have only had an issue with an IP twice. Other than this, theres really no need to get residential, its definitely one of the biggest memes of runescape botting in my opinion.
  18. I haven't seen anything from you until recently, but holy shit man! Thanks for looking into issues and taking feedback so receptively!!
  19. Yeah the usage was trippled atleast for me, whats going on?
  20. Sad days in the community I guess
  21. You are right, I should have explicitly stated my opinion that I believe these to effect manual bans only. I agree with you and will meet you halfway at the fact that anti ban and human-likeness does nothing to stop BotWatch (the automatic banning system)
  22. I must disagree with you here. Anti-Bans will not make you drastically less likely to be banned, but they do help ~marginally at best~ in my experience, it depends largely on what you are adding, any extra actions, such as checking woodcutting xp, making random mouse events, random camera movements etc, do not really help much. Though in my experience I have found more practical mindfulness in your coding goes leaps and bounds. For instance, does your script runecraft in the abyss? if so, don't allow it to be zoomed in so much that it is just looking at the player and running to a place it visually cannot see (in this case, a real player would be watching for pkers!), or another example is adding slight delays (possibly even a randomized selection of a wait time or order of events?) as no one is going to be making tick for tick optimal actions all the time for an hour straight, regardless of the task. Really it boils down to watching your script run for a few times all the way through and thinking, "If I was spectating this account, how artificial does this look? Can I rule within reason that this is a bot just by watching it?" This type of thinking has gone far in avoiding manual bans in many games, even various types of cheating from Runescape botting to CSGO hacking. I agree that many people misuse the term anti ban to get extra cash selling scripts, but in my experience, its simply untrue to claim that making your scripts more "Humanlike" doesnt affect manual bans in atleast some way. Tl:dr Dont try and implement an anti-ban per se, try implementing a more humanlike process. Edit: In addition, it should be pointed out that these methods could and would only effect manual bans, and have no noticeable effect on the automatic ban rate by BotWatch in my experience.
  23. Sorry for your loss man. I'll drop an F in the chat for this one. The end shouldn't come here though! Learn from your habits and alter them, you can certainly rebuild your account in a few weeks (maybe a month or two depending if we are talking alot of 99s) After a few disappointing bans, I am sure you will recognize that the process of learning about the system and how to circumvent it is actually quite fun!
  24. Can I get a trial for APA Rune Sudoku please?
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