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British people getting desperate after brexit

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here a timeline what happened:

1. ex russian spy that was in russia for many years after he was last able to access any relevant information has been poisoned in the UK 

2. the poison used is highly dangerous poison used by the sovjet union. 

3. somehow the ex agent survives the attack with this very super dangerous poison. :???:

4. Britain is now threatening to seize Russian oligarchs' luxury real estate after ex-spy's poisoning :think:


If you actually believe that this attack wasnt done by the brits to have an excuse steal russian money after brexit :leech::leech: you probably also still believe in (unfair) gender paygap:boge:


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Not much Putin would do about it tbh. The main russians who own the big real estate are people who took up Gordon Brown on his Gold Leaf program (10M-100M Loan to british government in exhange for citzenship, passport and license to do as they please). Putin won't save people who left Russia to build strip clubs and game dens in London haha.

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