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Runelite (Open Source) Thoughts?

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For those interested it contains no malicious code (anyone can check it obviously) and it has been accepted by Jagex on the condition that certain features were removed and custom plugins could not be used by others.


Jagex requested some features removed from the client for being against rules, and the features were removed.

Technically Jagex isn't 'fine' with any client. They do not officially endorse any, and they do not officially claim that any will be ban free.

Jagex's official stance is that using any 3rd party software that could trigger botwatch may result in a ban, and that they will not give an ok to any specific 3rd party client/software


Zulrah helper, AoE helper, and Volcanic mine helper.

They also had a custom plugin support, where you could load other peoples plugins they made, that weren't officially accepted. Jagex had them remove that too.


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