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Dispute against Lewis


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Dispute against: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/1140-lewis/

I didn’t want to open a dispute but I have had no other choice. I have tried to contact Lewis many times without any proper response. He said he would make a script for me which I have paid $90 for and was given a ETA of 2 days, unfortunately it’s been a week now and still haven’t had a script or any valid response. I never wanted to open this but I’ve tried and tried to get a new eta or a proper response at least and nothing. Please can someone help me sort this issue, I think I’d rather have my money back if he isn’t going to be supportive. I can show evidence but i don't want everyone to see them so i am not quite sure how to hide them. I also asked him to confirm it's really him by sending me a message through the forums with a message i asked him to write, and he did. He seems to go online on the website everyday but ignores me.

My real name on discord is Azriel but on the OSbot server it's luciferlover.

Please hide the evidence.





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