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38 minutes ago, TopNotchScript said:

if ur getting an X then sure but most xers do 97/99/97 so theyre only missing 1 max hit yet getting a huge price to vs someone, on average youll lose around 52% of duels instead of 50% at 97/99/97 but that was taken off a spreadsheet of 1000 duels. gl

99 str missing 1 max hit? Wat

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50 minutes ago, Imagine said:

99 str missing 1 max hit? Wat

meant 97 97 97 my bad,was too focused on his 99 str build

29 minutes ago, Milk Truck said:

Not sure exactly, but there plan was to remove odd staking and making everyone be able to stake like a max main. Im not sure how they are doing it , but it was suppose to happen this month.

gonna destroy the commision staking clans like elite ranks who still do comm staking on 07 and rs3 :3 rip them

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