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Dispute against Talipen


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2 hours ago, Mio said:

@Imagine can you see if the chargeback is cancelled on your end? If not, please let me know when it is.


5 hours ago, talipen said:

Update: I have tried to cancel the claim. However not sure if PayPal is fucking it or what. When I click cancel after I tick the confirmation box I get reverted back to resolution center? 

Or it might have worked but it’s slow to process. If it hasn’t gone through and it didn’t cancel can you please reject the claim. And I’ll the. Accept what you say! 


Have no issues doing this sorry sorry for the inconvenience once again 

Sorry about the Shopify mix up, my PayPal is linked to an old Shopify website I used to run. My only option is to refund or provide tracking info, in such case I have issued a full refund. Please just simply send the money back  ($55)



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