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looking to upgrade windows

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i currently still have vista on all my computers due to the fact its free with the vista glitch like windows xp ;)

im looking to upgrade a few of them atleast so i can run programs that require newer systems 

i have linux and all that already but looking for windows since its just easier to deal with n such 


if anyone could link me to a deal of windows keys, would be appreciated tons <# not sure which i would need yet but newer than vista :/ since i cant get some programs i need todo other tasks without newer versions 

even if you have seen a deal for 10x keys please post here i would be interested in it


ill be searching aswell but any help will be greatly appreciated 


thanks you :)



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Just use the official unregistered copy of windows 10 that you can download for free on Microsofts website, after that download a program called "windows 10 patcher" which once you've installed window 10 you run the patcher which takes like 30 seconds and there you go u have a full licensed windows 10.

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Just now, RDM said:

or just download windows 10 and not activate it like I do. You dont need a key as long as a watermark doesn't bother you. I don't even notice it anymore.

that works for windows 10? def gonna look into that i have on some of mind i dont even notice it anymore either :D

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23 minutes ago, JammyJosh said:

If your going to buy it id get it from the site "softwaregeeks.co.uk" Keys are usually pretty cheap on there.

that is pretty cheapwhat im looking for 20$ a key will def research these guys and get them in the future thanks alot 

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10 minutes ago, Seth758 said:

yeah been researching those too seen they might be pirated tho n such might try a vendor or 2 thanks for links tho havnt checked yet just been surfin the web about ones 


that guy seems legit didnt know there would be vendors of that much trust selling them like that def gonna look into ebay for em since i can offer for bulk 


thanks alot man

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