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Headie One

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If you interested in drill drama, read.

Back story of the guy. Headie One gets setup with a chick, dude goes with her to the University and ends up sleeping with her.

People at the university were shouting his name at the uni, while snapchatting him with the girl walking to the room.

Dude is in a gang, so one of the rival gangs spotted him on one of the girls snapchats at the university, and gave him a visit beating him up the next morning + Stealing his phone, and smashing his Bmw's windows and that.

within 24 hours, Headie One releases this song dissing them, and his gang retaliates by shooting one of the gang members leaving him in critical condition.

In the song "Know Better" You can hear Headie One saying, "Live corn in the shh, could've busted that" Means that his gun was loaded. Which if you watch the video of the gang attacking him, he had his hands in his bag all the time (Cuz the gun was there). But then he says "Know better" which means, I'm doing so good in the rap game, not worth shooting, cuz I'm being filmed, and will end up in jail.


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