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Account is missing all bought scripts from previous years

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I haven't logged into my account in a long while & when I logged on this time, I noticed my account is missing all of the scrips that I bought in previous years. I have receipt numbers from PayPal to prove I bought them. 

I looked in the FAQ but the link is dead. I've attached an image showing what I am speaking of.

Hopefully this is the correct section.



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45 minutes ago, trophieskill said:

That seems just kind of silly. So when another new major update comes out I'll have to buy the scripts for a third time?

I should have to buy the script once & that's that.

Not really. When you purchase a product from the store, you purchase the product for it's lifetime.

So yes you have to purchase it again if we do update to a new version such as OSbot 3 and OSBot 2 scripts are not supported.

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