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10 Accounts bottling question

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What would be the most profitable way for me to run 10 cowhide looters at once, The method i'm thinking would be to run each account for around 8hour's then transfer the loot onto another account and to not use those accounts again unless they don't get banned for a few weeks.

The thing i'm wondering is if i had 10 cowhide looters on one IP would that make them get banned alot quicker or would they be good because from testing iv seen my cowhide looting accounts usually last around 8-12hours but that was testing running only 1 cowhide looter not 10.

If i need to buy proxies for each account i don't think it would be profitable as the cowhide looter would prob's make about 400k in the time it gets bottled on


Have you had any personal attempts at running something like this and what was your success rate like? Did you use proxies and how many accounts did you run at once?

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1 hour ago, nosepicker said:

Honestly, I think your cowhide looters will get banned in like 5-6 hours. Bans are crazy these days. Well try it out and you'll see, but don't expect anything good.

Even if they lasted 5hours i think it would be profitable if i had a system that did this automaticly, The only thing i'm worried about is if i need proxies and if the bans on the first 10 bots would make the 2nd lot of 10 bots get banned quicker

1 hour ago, H0rn said:

I recon you'd get a good 18 hours if you bot right ;)

If i got 18hours that would be mad, Im just wondering if jagex would ban them quicker since its 10 accounts getting cowhides on 1ip,

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1 minute ago, Konchamp said:

@JammyJosh if you do 10 accs on 1 IP you basically risk a chainban. Not too wise but its f2p and no startup cost so up to you

I know about the chain ban but i expect the accounts to get banned anyway so there would be a system in place to replace the accounts automatically, and hopefully the loot would of been muled off before a chain ban because it could be set to empty the accounts more frequently. The price of proxies would probably make this not very profitable unless I could get some kind of monthly payment to have a lot of proxies i can use.  It might even be worth using cheap shared proxies in a system like this just since it would make it still profitable and reduce the chain bans.

The main question is though would 10 accounts get chain banned in 2 hours because there is 10 accounts running on 1IP or would they still last over 6hours.

Also would the first ban wave affect the next 10 accounts you have botting if so it would probably be worth using a free/cheap public proxy for every 10 accounts made

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