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Getting 'hack botted' on your account

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Long story short, I read that if your account gets hacked and then botted on. You are able to get the account recovered without it being banned.

I was just curious to see if there is a way to simulate this?

Couldn't I just log onto a new VPN, request a password reset and disable authenticator, then with my main, and start botting?


Once it gets banned I could just say i was hacked and the IP address would show up as being somewhere else in the world?

(Maybe also using a new device you have not used before to do it in case there is some way to track the mac addresses ect...?)

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I gave an old account to a friend who ended up getting it banned, i gave it a few months then i recovered it and sent the appeal through to jagex and they told me that the ban's justified, although the botting was all on his ip address etc, and i've only logged in and logged out on that account a few times myself since eoc.

Appealed through the website - support>your account>account bans>appeal



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