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I think i'm getting closer to 99 farming...

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2 hours ago, border22 said:

What are they? They look cool though!

mckennaii mushrooms, got growkit in amsterdam before going back home. took less then 3 weeks to become to this

8 hours ago, Lemons said:

Should be picking em around OU2vc8P.png, you've waited way too long.

Wait longer - if you need more weight. wait less - if you want stronger shrooms. 

I decided i want a bit more of weight then just couple small strong shrooms, so i waited until first half of caps open and then harvested. biggest shrooms still looks good

Not only that, they grow so fucking fast, that you see difference checking growkit in the morning and then in the middle of the day lol


I started another flush, we'll see how it will go haha

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