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Storm Spirit

1 Zulrah ready acc left, 55M Autowin, regicide completed, god cape

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Yo guys im here to offer you good deal, im selling both of accounts that are ready to bot zulrah, i couldnt bot because cpu is not good enough, these accounts were botted to current stats and never received a ban.

i wanna sell both at same time because offering a good deal only 140M for both, since they are zulrah ready.

I am the original owner and there is no chance someone will recover them, also willing to try and quash if banned and if successful return the account to you.

Also have over 35 vouches on sythe.


Account #1 
Gyazo - 6eb1a6d6450f0fa3cdac1f2cd089e895.png
Gyazo - e1e2f0e8710423d18af662683c4982b4.png
Gyazo - 34bb7f8283fe971cc9b555bb6fbb3392.png
Gyazo - 07118ee55dac3fac2b17745326aa45be.png
Auto win: 55M
Account #2


Both accounts are permamently muted.

I am original owner, but account does not come with emails, i use them both for personal purposes

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