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Need regicide quest line(and possibly part of rfd)

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Plague City>Biohazard>Underground Pass>Regicide

Please include time frame/price in offer.


Also will be looking for offers from rfd quest line(please post as separate offer, this list is assuming the regicide quest line is already finished):

Only person completed so far is dwarf for rock cake

List taken from osrs wiki on rfd and deleted all quests i've already completed

MM will be used if untrusted or you go first, if fairly trusted can do half upfront half after completion. May also provide full payment first if extremely reputable user.


RFD is NOT a must have, but regicide IS

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7.75m for Regicide quest line.

12.85m for RFD quests.

Can be lower depending on agility level and combat stats.

You can find a list of all my quest prices here:



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34 minutes ago, DyQuest said:

IM THE FASTEST REGICIDE QUEST GUY DOER. -except actually waiting for regicide to start cus that aids quest takes 381 hours to get the kings message-

Waiting only takes 15-40 mins if you know how to speed it up ? Also I would guarantee you can't do it it quick than me, the regicide race is on! ? 

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