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Dismissing all randoms is it a red flag?

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I just thought of this today, when having dismiss all randoms it is also going to dismiss a genie... do you think that is somewhat kind of a flag to accounts and the people around are you most likely going to ask why you dismissed and will cause a report, is it possible to add the randoms we want to keep and dismiss the ones we don't need? 

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35 minutes ago, Google said:

as far as i remember it does not work lol , also he didn't mean that unless you are post farming

I reread it and understood what he meant now. I'm not "post farming", I actually typed something up unlike majority of the people that posted on this thread.


47 minutes ago, TriBait said:

read what i wrote again

my bots never dismiss any randoms, if a genie appears and I don't talk to it, it could simply be seen as I'm afking depending on what I'm botting.

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