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Is it possibly to make a script where it will react to the clicks of a player? Like have the client allow the sript and player control the account at the same time.

because if a player were to change their weapon in pking to spec they would need to click the other player in order to attack them again. So would it be possible to make a script that clicks the other player once the controlling player switches weapons, or even take it a step further and activates special and then click the other player once weapons are switched.


I think that would be a nice tool to have what learning to pk or even to get an upper hand on someone else.


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19 minutes ago, LeBron said:

If you need help clicking a player after switching weapons you shouldn't be PKing.

Yes, it's possible but it wouldn't be instant and my grandma could probably do it faster than a script ever could. 

well you're probably right. but i was thinking more so someone or group of scripters could that could use that simple assist and turn it into switching with multiple spec weapons and timing them with game ticks and using that information to make a full on script that pk's all by itself for potentionally the most OP moneymaking script since if it used for dhing then that could be like 20m/hr

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1 hour ago, El_Maestro said:

It isn't really a matter of reaction time. The problem is you can't code skill.

As the other guy said, yes you can. Skill is essentially a human analyzing the current information provided and reacting to it and using previous knowledge to make decisions on that information. This can easily be replicated by code.

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19 hours ago, LeBron said:

More like

"If you need steroids to be as good as your opponents who are clean maybe the sport isn't for you"


Keep at it, peanut brain. 

we talk about game where i can get advantage over someone to get more gains. OP is not interested in being "better" then his opponent :???: he is not interested in fair "competition" :???:

go back to edge w18 :gnome:

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