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New Rapping Career

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So I decided to pursue a rapping career, after failing to be a Java Developer and a Web Designer. So here is my try.

Lord Viston's Mix Tape Volume 1

Yeah, Listen... Lord Viston on the mic, Mix Tape Volume 1! Listen! You see, it's eyes on the facts, these ni??as lying ? Muler still piling ⬆️, 5 grand 5ers ?When you was in f2p, busy getting lined up ?I was gribbing sauces? never getting sweated by the trident ??My bank account still booming ?? My competition is booting ?Fuck waiting on them to be moving?Give me the GP, I'll move it ?I'm a farmer baby, with the time I'll be moving ⏱Probably with my skripts, I'll be cooling with the mule ting ?? Don't get it twisted, I ain't always been rich?I've been reading on them Java and API docs ? Trynna earn them skills ?So I got to stand strong ?So I made them skripts ?So I got to 6 0's ??Because I made those skripts ?I'm the one that made it pop?I'm the one that made it hit ☠ Yeah, I was born in this thing ? From a peasant to a king? I ain't runnin' from my gold ?I drop 2B large ?And walked out with 2 bands ?See, I've been trynna tell em? Me and these ni??as ain't the same ?

Yeah! Yeah! You done now, Lord Viston!


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