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Staking addiction

DJ Khaled

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3 minutes ago, Antonio Kala said:

To help you I need to know how you get gold, is it from botting, buying it or ingame playing?

99% from ingame "special" money making method 


3 minutes ago, solace fury said:

Go to Vegas for a weekend with your life savings, guarantee after that the duel arena won't cut it anymore and you'll be cured of your staking addiction

Well vegas is far from where I live haha

3 minutes ago, Ibomeister said:

set a goal, like if u make an x amount of gps u leave works with me

Doesnt work for me, no self discipline... I get too greedy everytime

4 minutes ago, The Undefeated said:

What's your IP address?

Hmm? DDOS?

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In all seriouness it's not that deep to be honest. If you're not spending actual cash on the gold, and you don't mind that you're not selling it off for a profit, you're not harming your financially or whatever. plus, as long as it doesn't evolve into gambling with actual cash,  it's a safe way for you to experience that thrill without standing to lose anything other than time spent getting the gp, which I think you said you get from botting anyway.

plus lets face it no one REALLY quits staking lmao that bitch owns you and will drag you back in

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