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VIP Host Dispute


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Disputed member: [member=] https://osbot.org/forum/profile/288460-vip-host/

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Explanation: We did the trade for 25m at .68 pounds per mil, he wanted me to go first which I eventually agreed. He confirmed the payment went through but I trusted him enough not to check. However when I checked my PP balance, it only shows 14.45 pounds as seen in the PP transaction below. The price agreed upon was .68 pounds for 25m which equates to 17 pounds in total. I know it's not a significant amount but to avoid upcoming sellers being abused and scammed, the problem must be addressed.

Evidence:https://gyazo.com/b1a44b15b1d3f9c2fe5d08b294a3870b pp balance

sale confirmation - <HIDDEN>

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