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Shudsy's Ammonite Crabs


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Shudsy's Ammonite Crabs



Ammonite Crabs are NPC's located on Fossil Island. They are one of the best, if not the best AFK'able spots for nearly all combat ranges in Runescape.

Ammonite Crabs has the same defence as crabs such as Sand Crabs and Rock crabs, but also has a total of 100 hitpoints instead of only 60.

These NPC's are far less crowded than spots such as Sand Crabs, and provides a higher amount of EXP an hour. 

The max hit of a Ammonite Crab is 1, and is very good for pures aswell as mains.














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18 minutes ago, Theorems said:

Trying to run with 8 lobsters and no potions (it doesn't seem to like using no food). It walks to the crab spot then goes to the bank area then back to crab spot in a loop. Not sure if the new osbot update is causing this or what.

Yeah it's kinda based on using atleast 1 piece of food. I'll add something to prevent this from happening.

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14 minutes ago, Theorems said:

ok :) not sure from your response but this is happening even with the 8 lobsters in my inventory.

Ah i misunderstood but from your second response i managed to find what would cause it to return to bank even when potions wasnt selected.

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