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Making Free Fletching Script


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In search of an account with 70 fletching to make a fletching bot. 
Let me know if you have an account that I can borrow. 
Fletching is like 150k/hour profit. 

Account won't be botted on very long, just for like 10 minutes to test.
There is a chance of a ban on the account so only lend me the account if you're willing to risk the account. Very low chance of a ban since minimal botting but still a chance. 

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2 minutes ago, javidamme said:

ok ill fix a bond since its not member anymore there are supplies on the acc aleardy for fletching i was botting it and ran out of mem

Ok i'll give you the script exclusively for the first few days so you can bot the acc and make back your money and then i'll be releasing it publicly. 
Thank you for your help :)

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