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OSRS Botting to max! [YOUTUBE] [DAILY]


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Welcome to my botting to max thread!


So I use to enjoy watching these back in the day, there wasn't many people doing them though and I've recently been watching @pallmalled (Check his thread!) and I've decided to do my own!

I wont be rushing this account, ill be botting with breaks so I definitely wont be suiciding! I'm going to mix up what I do to help the chance of being not getting banned and I will do quests by hand, I know there is bots for them but obviously they wont be able to do quests such as desert treasure.

I will be doing these videos daily, it will take some time out of my day but ill just baby sit the bot when im not doing anything and record at the same time, as I HOPEFULLY hope things will progress and this will probably mean I will have to start doing videos every few days, but when the time comes we shall see! The first video is up now and I have not done commentary over the video as I had a tight schedule today so I just put some music over the clips, I will probably start doing commentary in the next few days as I do have plans for the next few days and wouldn't have time to record, edit and commentate over.


Drop me a sub, like and give me some feedback too if you like ;)



I had to take this episode down as my username was noticeable at one point, this episode consisted of me killing chickens so there wasn't much to miss.









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3 minutes ago, jamieonfire123 said:

All you did was showing us you killing chickens for 5 minutes? definitely needs some commentary to spice it up before dropping a sub & a like good sir.

yeah it was just the first vid mate, next one has different skilling and quests!

10 minutes ago, Visty said:

What's up with people and their blackbars? Can't stand looking at amateur stuff like this :feels:

Had a problem with the recording, it messed up and I'm not great with Camtasia, learning though, I'm no expert!

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