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Savages recovered again

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@Savages clearly still uses the bot as he has VIP. Recovered the account from https://osbot.org/forum/topic/118981 again lol. Wanted to try out some pure pking, didn't try to sell it cause I was sure this would happen again. Instead of having the account back this time I want it's value returned to me. 

The disputed member doesn't use the forums actively 

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Sorry, i wasnt aware of this. Recently found out about this. Im hoping we can resolve this with a full refund of the account which was bought for 5m by spookz.. But i know for a fact you didnt buy the account as it was given to you buy a previous member who was banned. So idk if hes alright with this.





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work was done on the account by me. Show the stats of the account as it was not as bought.

(lmao I don't remember the username)

I remember it having 71 range, mith gloves, 1 defence and mid 60s strength. unsure if I did avas on it.

An account of this calibre is not worth 5m, and was given to me as I invested my time into it.

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