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Ironman Botting Goals


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Hey all,

Recently started botting on my ironman as the thought of reaching high agility/hunter by hand once again was too painful to fathom. Now that I've began my botting journey, I'm wanting to see just how far I can take it without a ban.

Here are some of my short term goals:

70 Agility (X)
83 Hunter (X)
99 Firemaking ( )
82 Fishing ( )
80 Cooking ( )
Mith gloves - Stealth Quester ( )

Will continue to update this post as my account grows, if you have any suggestions/comments/tips please let me know!



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46 minutes ago, k9thebeast said:

I'm going to say. Account banned in 3 days, scam quits the next day and this post will die quicker than Christie's approval rating.



That's the spirit!

52 minutes ago, Mainio said:

Gl with the journey, instead of updating the text form you might also grab few screenshots if you are able to catch them :)

Will do :)

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2 hours ago, apexv6 said:

i give you until monday-ban-sesh.

god hope I last longer than that

39 minutes ago, mercylad said:

The three golden anti ban rules from yours truelly.

1. Don't bot longer than 6 hours a day.

2. Set up 30-45 min random breaks every 2-3 hours.

3. Don't bot more than 4-5 days a week.


Goodluck happy botting mate!

thanks! I was following guidelines similar to this but I'll reduce the number of days I'll bot for within the week.


82 hunter achieved! Hopefully 83 early tomorrow.

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