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Auto switcher

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Hello I'm looking for a software that is able to do auto switches (should not be linked to osbot). Mainly for pking, I would like a software like this one 


I would love to buy a copy of one or something similar, hmu if you have one or are able to create one.
Sucks that the user went inactive before I could reach him.

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3 hours ago, Light said:

How do you set that up? 

Just follow the instructions on the site. You basically have to 'Get Mouse Position & Add Action' (keybind) on the desired spots. Then you start the 'Script Execution' by pressing another keybind. Here is a showcase on how to set it up: 


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I have 8 years of experience in .NET & C++ coding, if you want to get a unique and stable software built for you then I am the man you should ask :) I don´t charge much for my coding services since I mostly do such jobs for the fun of it. However, if you want a complex software with many features, be ready to spend xD

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On 11/14/2017 at 5:14 PM, purplewatilla said:



Is what I've always used. That and Auto Mouse Clicker which is a little bit more organized, bit the clicks are somehow a bit slower / worse

Can you use this for 3ticking, splash alching? 


And have you gotten banned using it for 3ticking or skilling?

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