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Anyone know any money glitch methods on GTA5?

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1 minute ago, Grizzy said:

I'm sure you can use a usb stick to install cheats into games on the ps4 at least when I used to play I remember doing it on red dead redemption online for all the guns, if you had an xbox I could have done you a money drop as I have a jtagged xbox.

People can't send you money in gta5 huh?

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6 minutes ago, dragonite3000 said:

People can't send you money in gta5 huh?

With a modded xbox you can do all sorts of different mods I'm sure you've seen it on youtube, also includes cash drops and controlling players just type in youtube gta 5 mod trolling and your on to it.



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38 minutes ago, Saiyan said:

ya its called go on ur ps3 or xb360 and get a modder to giv u bare money then transfer ur acc on the next gen console i did that and i have 800m currently never banned 

if ur on pc just get a modder @ProjectPact and @Lemons mod on gta they can hook u up if u slide them osrs :doge:

Saiyan after I get out of class send me some money? I'll give you some osrs.

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