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ღ Howest Skiller ღ || Progress Log ||

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Credit where credit is due.
Ty @Darren, your thread lead me to creating mine.


Disclaimer: As most of you know or did not know and now know, I am still taking University Exams untill 16th of june.
I will TRY to update this thread daily, given progress has been made.

Current Fashion Scape:

What I have in the bank:

Current stats:

I started off with Smithing:

  • Knights Sword 1 - 29
  • From 29 - 55 I made the best arrowheads available (Did not yet quest for darts)

After Smithing for a while I got bored and decided to use the arrowheads I had to train my Fletching accordingly.

  • Bronze Arrows 1 - 15
  • Iron Arrows 15 - 30
  • Steel arrows 30 - 60

Once I did all my arrowheads (nearly got me 61 Fletching), I started getting my Crafting up with Molten Glass.

  • Beer glass 1 - 4
  • Candle lantern 4 - 12
  • Oil lamp 12 - 33
  • Vials 33 - 42
  • Fish bowl 33 - 44


I decided to get 30 Firemaking, so I could do the Sea Slug quest.
Which got me to 24 Fishing.

Since then bond has expired on the account, and I am Fly fishing in F2P.

Currently @ 43 Fishing.

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4 minutes ago, ez11 said:

Fashionscape: CB brace + glory :Puke:


have fun with your project though. every time i tried to make a skiller i would just turn it into a pure/zerker once i have the stats for questsreqs

I equipped those to do the quests, forgot to take them off.
Scarf is in bank & so are mime gloves :C

12 minutes ago, Shmeekz said:

hand trained? no bots ? :o

All done by hand

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