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Issue When Selecting A Script

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Version: 2.4.127 (Current)

Issue: Clicking the Play button to select a script freezes the client, and I can't click anymore. The client itself is not frozen (Runescape music / animations keep going) but I can't click anything in the window that pops up to select the script and I can't close it without force closing through task manager.

Does anybody have a solution or idea?

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Not a script issue. I can't click anything in the actual script selector menu. Like I can't even click the x to close the menu BEFORE even selecting a script and trying to run it.


Edit: My issue does not occur AFTER I select a script. It occurs BEFORE choosing a script, after hitting the Green Play button on the OSbot client itself. 

Edit2: Logger doesn't show anything. The menu that pops up to select a script just refuses to register any of my clicks and refuses to close. Replicated on my laptop and same issue.

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Only thing I know is it's also happening on my desktop so it's not just local to this computer. One is windows 8 and one windows 10. I've tried using the javaw with JDK and JRE - I've disabled AVG and CCleaner and even tried using an alternate version of java altogether.

I tried switching to another account on the computer, it had an outdated rsbot so I ran it and let it update. That version is now working under that user account.

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