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Long Time No See... Maybe? -- Mucho Gusto

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Hey, there. I think I was a part of this community MANY years ago. Either I'm mistaken, and it was a different community, or the account was lost in time, as my e-mail address didn't match any account on this forum.

Either way, I know a few people that are established within the community and I've had a peaked interest in getting back into RS for giggles recently. We'll see where that goes.

I'm a big fan of community engagement, so I'll be relatively active with conversations I can contribute to, though my game knowledge is basically zero (though I did instinctively run to Varrock from Lumbridge without using a map -- LOL). I own a hosting company and love hooking people I share interests with up with good deals and freebies, so the freebies will be popping up soon, I'm sure.

If there's anything I can do for you tech wise, let me know.

Ademas, por la gente que entiende lo que escrito, hablame... Me encantaria conocerte para usar lo que aprendi en este idioma. Soy de Inglaterra y vivo en los EEUU, pero hablo dos lenguas.

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