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Does anyone play RS3?

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I used to play it about 2 years ago. Imo it has a lot of benefits over 07, all skills actually have high level content, there are a million QoL fixes that 07 doesn't have and there's just a fuck ton more content like minigames and quests etc. The massive lore expansion they've done is amazing too, the stories are a lot of fun and well made, the graphics too. Now they've changed the combat system (it's TONS better than when it first came out), I'd say it's a lot better than 07's for training and bossing but worse for PKing. Also the micro transactions are a little annoying but 07 has bonds too and to be fair, the only OP items are the silverhawk boots and spring cleaner.

As far as the easyscape thing goes, yeah a lot of skills are faster and require less clicks but in my opinion making a game more tedious and time consuming doesn't make it better or more fun.

I came back a couple months ago but I was dumb, botted my nearly maxed main (all skills 99 except 5 95+) and got banned. I was pretty sad that my ban appeal got rejected too.

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