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best places to bot! Places I've found that wont get you reported


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Been botting a main account for about a week now which i'll start playing legit after i've gotten to pvm requirements for gwd and corp.

you guys got any places and skills you've found that are ideal for not getting caught? I've tried to think of methods that are out of the box that least commonly botted and so far this is what i've found:

Combat - Tricky because most combat scripts suck unless they're made specifically for one monster which means they're commonly botted and ban rates are high. So im using a script that I can pick my own monsters on. Now as i'm doing quests i'm seeing a lot of places that people only visit once and the quest isn't commonly done with a decent potential for botting combat, I went with melzars maze upstairs in the ghost room. it requires a key to get in no passers by, and if I bot on a skill total server people will most likely already done that quest, so they won't ever be back in melzars maze... Back before EOC I used to bot on members worlds underneath lumbridge in the catacombs for that newby quest that gave you a sling and whatever. there was a room filled with undead mages that had a max hit of 0, virtually no defence and 22 hp with about 25 of them in the room. got 99 in strength and 93 defence doing that. My advice is think of places rarely visited twice. After I can use dh I will use NMZ

magic - I see a lot of people alching in plain sight such as banks and I think it's obvious you're botting if someone asks you a question and you dont reply. I prefer to sit in a stack of players like gilded altar or 1 square chests

fletching, herblore, cooking, crafting - these skills can all be done on the spot at a bank, best to use a 1 square bank with a lot of attention, such as the duel arena, Castlewars or Rogue's den.

Anywhere you guys feel you'll never be reported for botting there?



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Ngl if most people have a spot which they believe 'works for them' and doesn't get them banned (debate able to whether or not the spot depends the ban; or it's just their in bot detection) why would they give it up? People gonna go there and bot it which may mean more bans.

It's like asking a gold farmer for their method then promising not to farm/ruin it lol


But anyway some f2p uncrowded spots are like Al Kharid scorps etc

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3 hours ago, Swe said:

If you are looking to max your combat skills, do NMZ.

I've got few accounts maxed within two weeks of running scripts 20hours daily. Not a single ban on any of those accounts.

Private script or from the SDN?

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