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Private Script dispute

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Disputed member: @TJ 2017 


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Explanation: I made him a private script for 15m, and waited 2 days for payment and then he says 

"hey im sorry im buying an (Another script) instead sorry! :s"


All in osbot PM. I've already added Mio to the conversation. If any other staff members need to be added, I can add them.
I don't want to argue with him in pm's so im just opening this to let the staff see. 
We agreed upon 15m for the script and I made and then waited for payment which I never got. 

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well... I got his money, I am so sorry that my 500m+ order got declined for the time being, or you would of got your money and probably more ;) 


just gave him his 15m, and he gave me my script, ty  for everything juggles your awesome! - i also have proof if needed 

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