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[SERVICE REQUEST] Maxed pure from level 3

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Wanting a maxed pure made.

I'll supply the account and maybe supplies required; want maxed pure build.

Add my skype: allhailzamorak2

Desired stats:

60 Attack (quested)

1 Defence

92/99 Range

94 Mage

99 Strength

Base 50 stats everything else

50-70 Slayer


Quests done:

Monkey Madness

Mithril gloves

All F2P

Horror from the deep


How trusted the user is doesn't bother me as I'll be supplying the account - if it gets banned there'll be no payment. I'm also open to only you having acsess (as in, your own password only you know) if this is something you'd like.

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21 minutes ago, Aaron said:

Basically you're looking for someone to go first?


I would be willing to work on this although I will not go first.


Skype : Aaronservices 

No; I'm open to go first to trusted users or use a middleman.

What I'm not doing is paying 500M Upfront to someone with no feedback - and nor will I pay 500m upfront to you. We can use a middleman.

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I can do this 250m for quests and combat stats. I pay for supplies and bonds. I will bot nmz quests and early 50stats. Then all handdone from there as i dont want to waste your time. Timeline 1-2months. However im not willing to do the slayer and other stats. Regards of payment we could do increments for xp :)

What about prayer?

Already making someone a 80 base stats pure and finishing today.

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12 minutes ago, Void said:

Regardless - I wouldn't pay you it upfront. Small increments for XP gained; sure. Not all in one.

Didn't ask for all in one although I would work on it with X amount upfront then I do that work then we calculate after you pay X amount and I continue.


I wouldn't do a tonne of work for a MM to hold the money for a long length with me putting the effort in to not get the money as I am doing it.


Add me on skype regardless and we will try to organise something;

Skype : Aaronservices 

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