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switching between clients

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How do you guys feel about switching between the OSbuddy client and the OSbot client on one account? I know Jagex can supposedly see when you're logged in from a modified client but is this a big deal when it comes to not getting banned? I couldn't see it being that big of a deal but I wanted to see what other people think here.

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well, depends what you call "switching"?

If you are just playing, and for some reason want to use osbot client instead of Osbuddy, i would say there is no difference. Well, there is a slim chance to get banned just for using client without botting, but it's soo small you shouldn't even consider about that.


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On 2017-05-10 at 3:53 AM, danielsoko said:

yeah i bot few hours a day and go on osbuddy to do some quests and skilling

in between each session of botting i try to do at least one quest and get like 2-3 different level

not sure if it makes a difference but i think so 

I'm almost sure that it makes a difference 

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