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Why Are 'Begging Bots' a Thing?

Mr Bug

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I've noticed plenty of 'Begging bots' around the Grand Exchange of world 301, 302, and even some others; what I don't understand is why these are a thing. Botting other things - Woodcutting, Fishing, Green Dragons, etc, is much more steady, guaranteed cash. I never really see beggars accomplish in getting any gold. So, why do they exist; why do these botters not bot something that's logical?

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23 minutes ago, Mr Bug said:

True enough, yet even at level 1 Woodcutting, you still make a better profit than what beggars could.

It's for the people who want or have a crude chair and rope collection. 


tbh I don't really know, I came for the post count xd

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