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Progressive Magic

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I needed a script for gaining magic levels so i created this 1-99 magic, thought I'd share.


What is it?

It progressively splashes on monsters to get you from levels 1-99 magic.



- Required runes.

- negative 65 magic bonus



Start beside a monster that will not move away from your player, ie) bear behind varrock palace. 

1. Enter exact monster name.

2. Check F2P box if you are not a member.

3. Check if you want to alch at 55 magic, then enter exact alch name.

4. Press start.


How does it work?

1-3 splashes air strike.

3-11 splashes confuse.

11-19 splashes weaken.


19+ splashes curse, with optional alching at 55.


19-66 splashes curse, with optional alching at 55.

66-73 splashes vulnerability, option to also alch.

73-80 splashes enfeeble, option to also alch.

80+ splashes stun, option to also alch.





Proggies(Post some and I will add!)






Where to get?

Released on SDN.



Want a script that gains you magic exp and profits you money? Check out my other script.


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