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Extreme Scripts Rips off Users


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Disputed member: [member=extreme-scripts]  https://osbot.org/forum/profile/75579-extreme-scripts/

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Explanation:  Extreme made me two $50 simple private scripts. When I paid 350m 07gp for a custom larger script, I was told 3-4 weeks until completion, which was in October 2016. Extreme never got around to finishing it and tried to weasel out of doing the work by trying to sell us some of his already completed scripts for $300 "The ban rate of the script is too high based on my calculations. I'll sell you a Staker or PC script instead. I will only offer you a HALF refund."










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7 minutes ago, zarichill said:

Nothing yet, he told me half refund which I didn't like, but figured Id rather try to get it out of him than just get scammed all together. He ended up not giving me anything though...

So you didn't get a script or your money back? You did get the two smaller scripts which you paid $50 for though?

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Looks like he hasn't logged on for a while. Not sure if it was a "scam quit" or if something happened to him. The user was placed in TWC, placed on payhold, and cannot sell scripts. A lot of people are asking me to ban him, but I'm not really sure how that changes anything from the already existing punishment. If he doesn't reappear in a month I'll have the staff ban him. 

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