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Make it easier to find the forum rules..

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This is actually pretty ridiculous. I spent the past five minutes looking through the forum for the rules.

It's not at the top of the forum where all the other advertisements are...


It's not blatantly obvious on the top of the front page at all...


And in the "News & Announcements", it's the second to last pinned thread - you have to scroll down the page just to find it, unless you have a big monitor.



How can you expect people to follow the rules if it's not plainly visible? While I do realize that ignorance is not an excuse, you really should make it simpler to find the rules. It took me five minutes looking through here and I already knew where it was - I went to News & Announcements and scanned the top of the page. When I didn't see it, I backed up and looked elsewhere. Only later on did I come back here for a closer look to find it at the bottom of the pinned threads.

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