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Dispute/ Crime. All non tradables gone.


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Crime was completing service for 90-95 def. And messaged me last night saying 94 complete. I assumed then he was off to bed as no reply this morning. I logged on my alt and saw my main that crime was working on was logged on through the cc. 

And then i searched the acc in hiscores and its been achieving woodcutting levels. 

I then message him asking why? I havent asked for wcing lvls. He then replied with one of his workers are on the acc while he was sleeping. 

I changed password at this moment as im not convinced its being done legitly

Ive now logged on the account after the update and all non tradables are gone. I will list them.

Full mining pros

Full graceful coloured.

Full void with 3 helms.

2 dragon defenders

And a red bloody slayer helm 

400+ mining nuggets 

All medium diary rewards. 

And also items missing. Such as


Cannon balls


Full dharok

All herbs from 100 herb boxes

This is way over 500 hours of work with 1k slayer points included in that. I would like to be refunded for all missing for what it would cost to replace the lot. Including the tradable items. This is disgusting and probs the worst thing to do to someones acc. Also im not convinced the account wasnt being botted for woodcutting i would like proof it wasnt. 


Can send pics to a mod through pm as files too big. Also the change between wcing levels. And chat with crime on skype 



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the ge pics are as far as i can go through the history to see what was sold. but i had full dharok, fury, bandos boots as theses were being used for the def triaining service i thought i was getting. also a cannon was on acc along with 100 herb boxes worth of herbs i had opened. and you can see graceful is no longer there, mining pros, nuggets, dragon def, full void with the three helms, my red slayer helm. all medium diary rewards empty on tab 5. 


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Hey, I have been doing this order for ByEngland and was about to complete the first order. The order was 91-95 defense and I have achieved 94 defense yesterday before logging off. To quicken the process I handed the job over to one of my workers to complete. Seeing that the worker has breached contract and has done suspicious activity on a client's account I will be keeping his deposit and reimbursing ByEngland for the uncompleted work and the missing item. As for the account its self, if it is banned within 48 hours, I will reimburse ByEngland for the price of the account.

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can we have a confirmed price? as its over 500 hours of work.

for slayer i paid 60m for 1k points. 85-90.

full graceful. and coloured too. 35m

full mining pros + 400+ nuggets - 90m 

2x dragon defenders 15m

full void with 3 helms - 17m

herb boxes x100? estimated price on these? 

and then the gold for items, full dharoks, fury, cannon. bank was roughly 23m as muled a lot of it besides obvious untradables. 

and a refund for rest of service, due to cancelling as cannot trust crime, and i will now have to sell an account that is now useless to me. will wait to see if banned. 

will negotiate on the above prices with a mod. be considerate of current prices and the loss ive received,



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